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Math Finger Facts

Multiplication Fluency literally at your fingertips - For teachers, students and parents, a time tested method for teaching and learning the multiplication times tables.

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It has always been a challenge to teach math to students. And the multiplication times tables are the toughest, yet they lay the foundation of everything that is to follow when you learn math.

Teachers try to find a magical way to help the students learn the times tables.

Parents struggle with the times tables flash cards or search on the internet for solutions, and uncover numerous methods or tricks to teach multiplication.

Our method works. It isn't a gimmick, it's not complicated. It is a straight forward way to enlist a student's mind with their finger tips. Students communicate with their fingers. We text, we type, we play musical instruments with our fingers. Handy Helpers taps into a child's finger and mind correlation.

Handy Helpers is a Manipulative Memory Tool.

A fast, fun and easy way to learn your multiplication times tables.

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